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Is he Boyfriend Material - Healthy Relationships - Featured

Is He’s Boyfriend Material? How to Keep Healthy Relationship Standards

"You're still single because cause you're too picky!", screams your mother. So then you go home and analyze all of your past relationships and think to yourself, "Is she right? Maybe I should've sucked it up and stayed with my ex". But in your gut you still know that he wasn't right for you. There was just something… Continue Reading...

Emotionally Abusive Relationship Featured

7 Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship (All Women MUST WATCH)

My first few months working with women as a dating coach were truly eye opening. Men can inflict major damage on women in ways I never knew possible. As a man who would NEVER dream of hitting a woman, I truly didn't understand how violent other men can be to a woman. And with the release of Ray… Continue Reading...

5 Secrets Women Don't Know About Men

5 Secrets Women Don’t Know About Men

I've now been a dating coach for BOTH men and women for over 4 years. And let me tell yah, I hear stuff from each side of the isle that would make you cringe. "Men are horny pigs" says one woman. I sigh. "Women are psycho" says one man. I awkwardly laugh. Because I know one… Continue Reading...