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Men Love Confident Women

Why Men Love Confident Women (SERIOUSLY…We Do)

We've all heard it before: Women LOVE Confident Men. But this begs the ultimate question, is the feeling mutual? Do men also find confidence attractive? If you've followed my previous videos, you probably know my opinion on this matter. BUT, in this video, I make some very key distinctions between confidence in men versus women… Continue Reading...

he's just not into you

6 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

Have you ever been "into" a guy, but wondered whether or not he's "into" you? In my experience, what most women do is spend 1,287,907 hours talking about it with their friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, roommates...you name it, they've all heard about this guy. And lesson #1 is the following: if you're spending this much… Continue Reading...

10 things women should never say to a man

10 Things Women Should NEVER Say to a Man (#6 Is RIDICULOUS)

Have you ever said something that you IMMEDIATELY wish you could "take back"? This weeks video is going to shed some serious light on things women should NEVER say to a guy. Some of these things are rude, some are inappropriate, and some of them will just straight up guarantee a man will NOT like… Continue Reading...