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10 things women should never say to a man

10 Things Women Should NEVER Say to a Man (#6 Is RIDICULOUS)

Have you ever said something that you IMMEDIATELY wish you could "take back"? This weeks video is going to shed some serious light on things women should NEVER say to a guy. Some of these things are rude, some are inappropriate, and some of them will just straight up guarantee a man will NOT like… Continue Reading...

Why I want people to hate you

Why I Want People To HATE You (In Order To Find Someone To LOVE You)

Most dating coaches out there will only coach you to find people who "like" you or who LOVE you. Well, let me tell yah something, I'm a little different than most of those "dating experts" out there. I believe you should STRIVE to create a few haters along the way. And if no one is… Continue Reading...

is chivalry dead

Is Chivalry OFFICIALLY Dead? Watch the Video Debate

Times have changed. Men no longer "court" women and online dating has taken over as the "go to" way of meeting people. But does this mean that chivalry is officially dead? Do men now act totally different than they used to? Do women act differently? Is dating just bananas now a days? These are all… Continue Reading...