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Recent Blog Posts

Why Men Cheat

Why Men Cheat On Women They Love

Getting cheated on sucks. It warps your view on relationships, and for that matter, life. You'll start asking yourself unproductive questions such as: "Why am I not worthy?" or "Is it possible to even find a committed relationship?" Getting cheated on will make you feel jaded and never want to date ever again. But I urge you… Continue Reading...

How to meet guys on Halloween - Featured

How to Meet a Guy on Halloween (3 Ways to Approach Him)

I'm going to just come out and say it: Halloween is my favorite holiday. I know, I know...it's ridiculous. I'm a grown man and should be more excited for more "family oriented" holidays, but as a dating coach, I love Halloween because it's by far the most social holiday in existence. If you are single and… Continue Reading...

Why Modern Dating is Better Than Old School Courtship

Why Modern Dating is Better Than Old School Courtship

There are "dating experts" all across the world claiming that present day dating is much worse than it used to be-- I disagree. While some aspects of current technology and behavior can inhibit dating success, I believe we have come remarkably far from where we were in old fashion dating.  Society has changed the way we view intimacy, gender… Continue Reading...