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7 Clear Signs You Can Trust a Man - Featured

7 Clear Signs You Can Trust a Man

The first few months of dating someone is like walking through a landmine. With each and every step you take, you wonder, "Is this the moment when everything ends?" But as you continue on through the relationship, you begin to trust that everything is going to be OK. You become comfortable sharing who you REALLY are… Continue Reading...

Sexy Versus Slutty - Featured

Is Your Halloween Costume Sexy Or Just SLUTTY? Find Out In This Video

I've personally experienced 29 Halloweens in my life. Many of which were focused on obtaining as much candy as my chubby little face could handle. But then suddenly puberty hit and the Halloween goal of stuffing my face with Gummy Bears suddenly switched to flirting with Sexy Nurses and Devil girls. That's why I love Halloween. It's that  one day of the… Continue Reading...

Romance is officially dead

Romance is Now Officially DEAD! Here’s the Proof…

Dating has certainly changed over the past 20 years, nonetheless the past 70 years. For example, I remember the very first time I asked a girl out. I had to go to the yellow pages, look up her number, dial it on a land line, speak to her father to get her on the phone, and… Continue Reading...